Creativity and technical excellence
delivered on time and to your budget.

Recording, Designing, Composing
Mixing and Mastering for
top brands and agencies worldwide

Music & Sound Design
for the entertainment industries

Experience, intuition and a warm welcome
across a range of services.

We go the extra mile
time and time again

Welcome to Doppler and Dubbs. As a team we cover the entire range of the sound post production process, with passion, creativity and technical excellence. Not only do we deliver exceptional quality of work to you on time and to your specifications, we also strive to deliver the unexpected; ideas and creativity that will challenge and inspire the audience and continue to impress our clients alike. We look forward to meeting you.

"Doppler & Dubbs bring a tireless determination to make every project they work on the best it can be. Their extensive experience, energy and passion make them a real asset to any production."

− Dee Meaden – Saatchi & Saatchi

"Doppler and Dubbs’ audio expertise is vital in taking your project to the next level. Gwilym and the team were fantastic to work with and brought some great ideas to the project."

− Tom Martin - Creative Director Fast Forward Media

"Doppler & Dubbs are one of our regular go-to talents. The SFX work they provide has been consistently high-quality and the working relationship has always been flexible and friendly, resulting in great work and very happy clients."

− Ryan Stone - Lambda Films - Creative Director