Darkness falls with Under The Shadow

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I was having a conversation with a friend in the pub one night; saying how I would love to work on the sound design for a horror film. Behold the next morning some old friends from the film world got in touch and asked me if I could work on the Foley sound for a film in the horror genre: an Iranian horror movie! I have secretly been longing for some film sound work so this was a very pleasant surprise. Sometimes you ask and the universe responds!

Under The Shadow takes place during the Iran/Iraq conflict during the 1980’s. An unexploded missile lands on a block of flats containing a very dark and sinister spirit. The spirit takes multiple guises and like any evil presence, begins its reign of terror and destruction.

The good people at Creativity Media including the talented Foley mixer Simon Epstein supplied me with some magnificent Foley sound tracks to work with. There was plenty of opportunity for adding my own creative flare; using sound to support the sinister narrative. Disturbing creaks, malicious door bangs and chaotic footsteps. By the end of the project I was craving more! Thanks goes to Richard Kondal at Creativity Media for this work, and I hope 2016 brings more film sound this way.