D&D produces Sound Design and Ballet Foley for SKII

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Indy 8 in London asked us to record the Foley and create the sound design for a lovely little piece commissioned by SKII about Misa Kuranaga, the first Japanese ballet dancer in America to achieve a principal position. Misa’s rise to the top of her career was both long and challenging. In the competitive world of professional ballet, she stood out for being shorter, less graceful, and too different from other ballerinas. However this did not halt he rise to fame.

Location Foley is always a bonus, especially in the shape and form of Ballet. It was a new experience for us but a lot of fun and a well rewarding one!Including a beautiful score by Lennert Busch, produced by the wonderful Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly, edited by Alex Elkins and directed by Glen Milner. We certainly look forward to more work from Indy 8 this year!

Read more about Misa Kuranaga here: