FFWD Media & ISL Qatar

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What can we say about Tom Martin of FFWD media? Well let’s start by saying that this man has an absolutely industrious resolve to achieve an outstanding quality of work. Constantly pushing the boundaries, always looking to fine tune and master the next level of technology to provide an unparalleled output for his clients. So it goes without saying that sound post production for FFWD Media is always an honor and a pleasure. He understands the importance and mechanics of sound as much he knows his own immediate tools, which is crucial for effective communication and filmmaking. A man who never settles for the bare minimum he has shaken the world of filmmaking, achieving feature film quality in terms of ideas, creativity and technological advancements.  Our latest venture with FFWD Media was for the International School of London, Qatar. We provided the sound design and sound post-production for a series of wonderfully shot and produced promotional videos to promote ISL and its place in the academic community. We look forward to more from Tom this year!