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Short films of this creative caliber don’t come around very often! Madeleine is a slice of life, a blink of an eye within a surreal New Jersey suburban backdrop. Director and Cinematographer Ollie Veryschole guides us through this dreamlike landscape with a majestic intensity. The opportunity for sound post production was inspiring and limitless, we experimented with undulating sonic rhythms, hyper real soundscapes and warped animal noises to score this time-traveling experience. Ollie has been an absolute pleasure to work for, allowing us complete creative freedom for sound design and storytelling. With very little dialogue it is one of those projects that every sound editor yearns for; the opportunity to serve sound as the fiber for the narrative trajectory, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in a unique experience that inspires and challenges expectations. We would like to congratulate Ollie for this mini masterpiece in filmmaking, producer Dee Meaden for her own tireless determination and sharp attention to detail and John Opstad for his most beautiful score.