The Ember is glowing

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We have been hoping for collaboration with Ember for some time now. When the day came to work the sound design on their content I was elated. Multi-talented Emmy winner, Jonathan Jones, and his superb team, asked us if we could supply the sound design and audio post production; including sound mix on a series of fashion adverts for the exclusive shoe brand Block & Last. With no location sound to work with, and a tight deadline, it was going to be a challenge to produce the audio on the 4 adverts required. But pressure is after all how we thrive! Ember were very happy with the sound results and they were a joy to work with.

Following the success of the Block and Last series, we were then asked to produce the sound design and audio post production on a series of adverts for the Norfolk Tourist Board. This time around the bar was raised! Twelve adverts in two weeks – Wow! talk about prolific. So full track lay and sound stems for atmosphere, sound design, Foley, voice over and music. Each advert was unique and carried its own exclusive set of demands for sound. One thing I will say is that I couldn’t have done it without my trusty Zoom sound recorder, I was running around, like a crazy man; picking up various Foley sounds from different sources. Well, that was just the beginning; I don’t really have the capacity to explain the rest, as it was all a blur!

For any aspiring sound person reading this I will add; the key to successful multi spot projects is consistency. Always aim for consistent sound quality throughout each film. It’s no good laying up detailed and immersive audio on half of your films, to then realize that you have run out of the time for the remainder, or only time to lay up basic audio for the rest.

The best sound starts on paper!