Doppler and Dubbs serves up brutal sound for La Forêt Sauvage

Posted by | 01/06/2014 | D&D Work | No Comments

Its been in the pipe line! But we are finally here. Doppler and Dubbs are providing the full sound works on Joe Wallaces’ latest masterpiece La Foret Sauvage or The Savage Forest.

It’s a short film with hand puppets and its going to be a lot of fun indeed. With no location sound it’s a case of building up a unique and exciting soundscape from scratch, every minute sonic detail I have the privilege of designing and mixing, from colourful Foley footsteps, to sinister atmospheres and ear tantalizing sound design that will shake the tress like an angry bear.

Its initial incarnation will come in the form of a 90 sec teaser, which will hopefully get the chance to fully metamorphasise into something much larger and much stranger this year. So keep your eyes and ears finely tuned for Joes latest piece!!