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Unilever News Image

Welcome back Storyculture; with a superb little animation for Unilever! This one has really been the epitome of creativity in terms of sound design and music; an equal collaboration between the D&D sound house, multi talented composer Charlotte Harding and expert producer David Pye. With no existing sound to work with, we constructed every sonic ingredient from scratch to support the storytelling.

With all eyes and ears finely tuned, we decided to create the perfect synchronicity between the visuals, music and sound. Extensive time and careful planning was given, ensuring all the visual edits were emphasized; punctuated with musical rhythms and sound design elements.

Charlotte did a magnificent job at creating the score, whilst David laid up some extra percussion, and mixed in some additional musical elements with specialist precision. We also had a lot of fun providing all the sound design parts for the diverse visual pallet, all synced up in time with the picture and the music.

The results; a seamless sonic harmony of sound fx and music. Storyculture were over the moon; the all important client – very happy indeed!

Only bad news, it was an internal job so couldn’t be featured on our portfolio! Oh well, hopefully next time guys.