Doppler and Dubbs floats the dialogue aboard traditional Carriacou Sloops with ‘Vanishing Sail’.

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Its been a long time at sea, a lot of hard work and commitment, but we are excited to announce that D&D is taking a firm hold of the dialogue editing for Vanishing Sail, a feature length documentary about the history and culture behind traditional boat building in the Caribbean.

It’s an inspirational journey that explores this fading craft, once inextricably linked to the every day trade and livelihood for the people of the Grenadines, it is an art that is now threatened by modernization and the rapidly evolving culture and attitudes of the younger generation. We are teaming up with editor Guy Hellier and LA based Sound Designer Gus Koven to carry this story through to its completion. Vanishing Sail is a narrative a wash with colorful characters and rich and beautiful scenes, so keep an eye on the horizon! A big thank you goes out to Director Alexis Andrews for bringing this wonderful story to life and in guiding it through its evolution, as well as producer Justin Sihera for all his hard work and support.

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