August 2015 - Doppler and Dubbs - Sound Post Production

Nike – Gear Up

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We simply couldn’t refuse the opportunity to work on a Nike commercial, now could we! Our friends at Lambda got in touch with a super fast turn-around project for the sports giant brand; featuring some nifty football training skills and tricks performed by father and son. With no location sound to use, we had to get cracking on some location Foley in an old country farmhouse barn, to produce the kind of sounds we needed. With the help of my dedicated and skillful assistant David Pye we went to work on capturing all the kicks and tricks we needed for the audio, with three different microphones for the various perspectives. Then straight back to the studio for the sound design and audio mix. This was thrilling, as I knew that there was going to be budding potential for lateral thinking, with explorative sound design applications; abstract noises and other worldly sonic acrobatics.  I’m particularly keen on using animal sounds to enhance the action, so in one spot where we see the kid kicking the ball into a hole in the wall, I mixed in some lion and walrus roars to support the motion. This is not an especially new or original technique, but when done well it really works. The last time I checked the advert reached 2.5M views on You Tube so that’s a success! Thanks again Lambda for this awesome spot.

Ariel for Saatchi TV

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What would we do without Saatchi! Thanks again to my favorite director in the world Glen Milner for this spot, and time spent with the Saatchi TV department. Glen and Saatchi producer Sarah Allen asked us to supply the sound design and audio post-production including audio mix on their latest advert for Ariel.

We had the luxury of an outsource mix at Art for Noise in Soho, so many thanks must go to Ben for his hard work and diligence. I must say it was very nice to take a back seat during a sound mix for once! And Ben did a fantastic job at supplying all the many audio prints on time. It was tight, but with his help, it was all possible!