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Swing with Curveball

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I certainly hope this means we are doing well with the animation department. The super productive team at Curveball Media has done us all proud with an animation for Oxford University Press. But this one is a little different; with no backing music or VO the sword came down on dynamic sound design to carry the narrative and emotion for the entire piece. A rare opportunity in the world of advertising, and one that we welcome with open arms. A wise sound guy from Pinewood Studios once told me that sound can in fact be as emotive as music; “its not just about door slams and car alarms”. “Think of every sound as an instrument, what qualities does it carry? How do these qualities make you feel and therefore how can they be used to support the narrative of the film?” I keep this sound advice with me through every project, because it’s easy to miss these opportunities if you underestimate that every sound can project an emotional identity, just as much as a functional one. If a sound doesn’t appear to have one on the front page, well just play around with it, flick through the pages and see what you can uncover with the right techniques. I apologize to door slams and car alarms, I wouldn’t want to undermine my fundamental point here: where would our horror genre be without inventive door creaks! As for car alarms, I can’t think of any seminal ones but please do email me for suggestions. Thank you to Olly, Marina and Daniel at Curveball Media for batting this one our way!


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One day we got a call from the wonderful Max Ross at Storyculture in East London; turns out our portfolio of most excellent work was exactly what she was interested in, not to mention our propensity for undulating sonic rhythms, mind enhancing soundscapes and a well tuned and heavily seasoned aptitude for audio acrobatics. I write this all in good humor of course. But seriously it’s been great to hook up with producer Max, director Grant Taylor and the team at Storyculture. They put Grants latest venture Emigrant our way;  we said yes, with much enthusiasm! Emigrant is a heart warming and very sincere short film about a young boy who has his mind set to change the world – with a new game. It shaped up to be a really fun project, lots of inventive sound design and plenty of storytelling pulse points to plunge into our audio pool. The promising start to a most exciting working relationship with Max and Grant. Thanks guys!

Sound Design for Farrows and Almary Green

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I was just starting to miss the sheer creative liberty found when designing sound for animations; it’s born mute and has to build its sonic skeleton from scratch. Farrows of Norwich got in touch and asked us to provide the sound post production on an advert for Almary Green. Will Farrow had done a superb job on the visuals, and left the playing field wide open for a lot of sound ideas. We got stuck into recording original Foley; capturing atmospheres and serving up some suitable sound FX. We can never have enough of this kind of work, so hopefully Farrows can keep more of the same coming in this year!

FFWD Media & ISL Qatar

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What can we say about Tom Martin of FFWD media? Well let’s start by saying that this man has an absolutely industrious resolve to achieve an outstanding quality of work. Constantly pushing the boundaries, always looking to fine tune and master the next level of technology to provide an unparalleled output for his clients. So it goes without saying that sound post production for FFWD Media is always an honor and a pleasure. He understands the importance and mechanics of sound as much he knows his own immediate tools, which is crucial for effective communication and filmmaking. A man who never settles for the bare minimum he has shaken the world of filmmaking, achieving feature film quality in terms of ideas, creativity and technological advancements.  Our latest venture with FFWD Media was for the International School of London, Qatar. We provided the sound design and sound post-production for a series of wonderfully shot and produced promotional videos to promote ISL and its place in the academic community. We look forward to more from Tom this year!

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Short films of this creative caliber don’t come around very often! Madeleine is a slice of life, a blink of an eye within a surreal New Jersey suburban backdrop. Director and Cinematographer Ollie Veryschole guides us through this dreamlike landscape with a majestic intensity. The opportunity for sound post production was inspiring and limitless, we experimented with undulating sonic rhythms, hyper real soundscapes and warped animal noises to score this time-traveling experience. Ollie has been an absolute pleasure to work for, allowing us complete creative freedom for sound design and storytelling. With very little dialogue it is one of those projects that every sound editor yearns for; the opportunity to serve sound as the fiber for the narrative trajectory, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in a unique experience that inspires and challenges expectations. We would like to congratulate Ollie for this mini masterpiece in filmmaking, producer Dee Meaden for her own tireless determination and sharp attention to detail and John Opstad for his most beautiful score.

D&D produces Sound Design and Ballet Foley for SKII

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Indy 8 in London asked us to record the Foley and create the sound design for a lovely little piece commissioned by SKII about Misa Kuranaga, the first Japanese ballet dancer in America to achieve a principal position. Misa’s rise to the top of her career was both long and challenging. In the competitive world of professional ballet, she stood out for being shorter, less graceful, and too different from other ballerinas. However this did not halt he rise to fame.

Location Foley is always a bonus, especially in the shape and form of Ballet. It was a new experience for us but a lot of fun and a well rewarding one!Including a beautiful score by Lennert Busch, produced by the wonderful Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly, edited by Alex Elkins and directed by Glen Milner. We certainly look forward to more work from Indy 8 this year!

Read more about Misa Kuranaga here:


La Foret Sauvage

Doppler and Dubbs serves up brutal sound for La Forêt Sauvage

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Its been in the pipe line! But we are finally here. Doppler and Dubbs are providing the full sound works on Joe Wallaces’ latest masterpiece La Foret Sauvage or The Savage Forest.

It’s a short film with hand puppets and its going to be a lot of fun indeed. With no location sound it’s a case of building up a unique and exciting soundscape from scratch, every minute sonic detail I have the privilege of designing and mixing, from colourful Foley footsteps, to sinister atmospheres and ear tantalizing sound design that will shake the tress like an angry bear.

Its initial incarnation will come in the form of a 90 sec teaser, which will hopefully get the chance to fully metamorphasise into something much larger and much stranger this year. So keep your eyes and ears finely tuned for Joes latest piece!!


Doppler and Dubbs floats the dialogue aboard traditional Carriacou Sloops with ‘Vanishing Sail’.

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Its been a long time at sea, a lot of hard work and commitment, but we are excited to announce that D&D is taking a firm hold of the dialogue editing for Vanishing Sail, a feature length documentary about the history and culture behind traditional boat building in the Caribbean.

It’s an inspirational journey that explores this fading craft, once inextricably linked to the every day trade and livelihood for the people of the Grenadines, it is an art that is now threatened by modernization and the rapidly evolving culture and attitudes of the younger generation. We are teaming up with editor Guy Hellier and LA based Sound Designer Gus Koven to carry this story through to its completion. Vanishing Sail is a narrative a wash with colorful characters and rich and beautiful scenes, so keep an eye on the horizon! A big thank you goes out to Director Alexis Andrews for bringing this wonderful story to life and in guiding it through its evolution, as well as producer Justin Sihera for all his hard work and support.

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